Will I have to hike or climb stairs?
Yes, there will be mild trail hiking on grass, loose dirt and rocks.  Wear appropriate footwear. Be ready to walk about a quarter mile of hiking over the total trip experience. Be in fit condition for this type of hiking.

What sort of shoes should I wear?
All you need is closed toe hiking boots or tennis shoes.

Food and Eating?
The tour may last upwards of 3 hours.  Please eat a healthy meal about an hour before you arrive for your tour. Water will be available at our office.

Are there any age or weight restrictions?
We do not have any age restrictions. Our minimum weight requirement is 60lbs for the Intro, 75lbs for the Front 4, 100lbs for the Back 4 and Full tours. The maximum for all tours is 275 pounds.

When should I arrive and check in?
We require that guests check in 15-20 minutes prior to the tour departure time.

What about safety procedures and equipment?
In addition to an important safety introduction, all safety equipment (harness, helmet, & pulley system) will be provided for each guest.

What about minors?
All minors must be at least 48" tall and 60lbs for the Intro, 75lbs for the Front 4, 100lbs for the Back 4 and Full tours. They also should have a level of maturity that would allow them to follow directions while high above the ground. The parent or guardian must be present with them on the trip and will need to sign the minor's waiver form.

What else should I know?
Please braid and tuck longer hair inside your helmet or shirt to prevent hair from getting caught in the pulley during your ride. This also includes for any stray pieces of hair, clothing, necklaces, jacket hood draw strings, and other long items.

Can I bring a camera?
Yes, we allow guests to bring their cameras along. To avoid dropping it, please bring a protective case and be sure to attach it to your person, freeing you up to hold onto your safety tethers. We recommend downloading all photos on the camera to your computer or a memory card prior to your tour to protect your photos should you drop your camera.

Gratuity / Tips:

We are often asked if it is okay to tip the guides.  Zip Boise operates under a customer service business model.  While we compensate our trained guides a fair wage, their personal attention and interaction to your service is of their own effort.  Often, they will take your pictures for you, carry your water, zipping tips and words of encouragement, and provide you with humble service to maximize your experience. Please feel free to leave a customary 10-15% gratuity if your guides provided you customer service that warrants your gratitude. This is your way to provide the guides with a personal "Thank You!"

Can I zip upside down?
No please!  Hanging upside down increases your risk of passing out, injury, and a fouled pulley. Zipping upside down is very poor practice and should be avoided at all times. We are aware that other courses allow this practice but given our years of experience and training, we operate differently for a reason.

Behind the scenes…
Zip Boise was the third canopy zip line tour in the Great State of Idaho by our parent company EBL.  Engineered and permitted, Zip Boise is hands down, the newest and best tour operation in the state.  We think so and our guests agree!  Annual inspections, an extensive guide training curriculum, and custom safety equipment that exceeds industry standards, you'll feel safe and right at home with our guides. Zip Boise is your new local adventure!

Zip Boise and parent company EBL, have been purposeful with our design and selection of harness systems, including your safety lanyards, helmet, pulley, and the training curriculum that the guides receive. Our methods have been proven sound by experience, destructive testing of our product line and professionally reviewed and installed to licensed Professional Engineer specifications. When you participant on an EBL licensed location canopy tour, thousands of hours behind the scenes have been devoted to keeping your experience safe, enjoyable, and thrilling!. We are committed to safer operations and continually work within the adventure industry to bring new technologies online to enhance your experiences.

In addition to your safety, we are committed to being "green" by implementing minimum-impact practices from construction site pathways, geographical considerations for pathways such as erosion and ground compaction, to Arborist approved tree trimming and construction designs of our engineered platforms. When you are standing in a platform or tower, upwards of 120 feet off the ground, you want to know, the craftsmanship is top notch. If it is an EBL course, it is.

Next time you research a canopy tour for your vacation, ask if it is an EBL tour. This is your assurance of a quality tour experience.

EBL is an Accredited Vendor with the ANSI Accredited Professional Ropes Course Association (PRCA)

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